Getting Started

PerfectQuran Understand is a set of tools to help you learn the meaning of every single word in the Quran. You won't be an expert in Arabic and you won't be a scholar but you will be able to understand the Quran in its original language without the aid of translations.


To make the most of PerfectQuran Understand you should be a mature English-speaking learner, who can read Arabic script. Bayyinah TV has the best online course, I've seen, teaching people how to read the Quran.

How It Works

You will be presented with Quranic words in Arabic and asked to recall their English meanings. You'll see them more or less frequently based on your ability to answer correctly. Eventually, you'll know the meanings of words weeks and even months later. Once that happens, those words are yours forever.

Keys to Success

To complete this program you will need to be consistent, persistent, and stubborn.

  1. Make an intention to finish.
  2. Ask Allah to make it easy.
  3. Be an active reader of the Quran in Arabic.
  4. Do your introductions.
  5. Do your reviews.
  6. Do all of the above every single day without fail.


If you have a question, criticism, or other feedback, please send an email to May Allah bless you with goodness in this life and the next.